"I'm obsessed with fulfillment. Many years ago, I was looking for a solution for my own life, now I'm working to help others make every moment of their lives joyful."

- Attila Gilanyi

Attila Gilanyi

Is it possible that your life right now could be a dream life for someone else who lives in deep need and struggles? It is also possible that your life would be nothing but struggle for somebody else who’s already living her highest dreams in terms of all, health, relationships, parenting, business, finances, success and overall Happiness.

We all here on planet Earth are servant souls trapped in human bodies and minds, even as Bob Dylan sings “..But you’re gonna have to serve somebody”.

Living our dream life means serving others we’ve choosen and serving them with our highest intent. There is nothing better in life than becoming the person you know lives within you since your early childhood and wants to manifest themself as your highest truth to serve with their God-given abilities for a better world.

Sounds good a result for living, hm?

The fact is that we usually go for smaller results or even reliefs. We have daily problems and tasks. In general, problems of not seeing the end of something, or seeing an undesired end of something. When our mind is rushing in the uncertain future we see several options of endings but we don’t see the road itself.

However we only have one life. Life in the present. Our feelings, our emotions, our joy, our love, even our memories and desires are only exists in the present. Our life story is nothing but the result of billions of present moments in a row, like videotapes marked up with dates. So what will be the next memory you want to shape your story? What do you need to have and to do to build that memory?

This is why you are here on the best possible place. Let me tell you why:

The sceptical hun

I live in Budapest, Hungary. A small country sourrounded by 7 other countries from which of 6 understand a lot of each other’s languages but Hungarian. The seventh is Austria can be seen as the West. Even the origin of my language is foggy. Hungary has had a more or less great history since the 15th century but in the past 500 years Hungarians had always had other nations above them, Ottomans (Turkish), Germans, Russians, and the the actual government had always had to work under foreign regulations what how to say never had been cristal clear. So we the people learned it is better to not to talk at first. In 1989 Hungary become independent and in 2003 we joined the European Union finally. But after being prepared of not saying anything, from 1989 when borders were open, Hungary become overfilled with bold promises by who wanted to sell their shits no one else wanted to buy except gullible Hungarians who than felt the „now we are free” thing. So we learned the second thing: „The man who comes from afar says what he wants.” It means that a person you do not know will (or can) tell you things you can not check out, and therefore may not be true.

A funny fact that from about the 20 million Hungarians there is only 10 million live in Hungary. But let’s see why is this intro for.

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